Turbo Ventilators


Special Features of 'HAO' Ventilators

* HAO Ventilators are based on Ball Bearing System and not Pivot (Bush) System making it more Smooth, Speedy, Noise Free and Long Lasting.

* HAO Ventilators Top Fan Portion is made of Stainless Steel material which is more hard material compared to Aluminium making it stronger and steady.

* HAO Ventilators are though made of Stainless Steel material which has higher density compared to Aluminium yet HAO Ventilators are light because of less number of Vanes and special design.

* HAO Ventilators Top Fan Vanes are multi-fold which makes it strong and Steady and there are only 24 vanes compared to traditional Aluminium Ventilator 36 to 48 vanes. In fact less number of Vanes allows more air to go out making natural ventilation faster.

* Special multi fold design of HAO Ventilator's vanes prevents water to enter inside the shed.

* HAO Ventilators Top Fan Portion is having Polypropylene Base which is attached to Neck and above this Polypropylene Base having Polypropylene Exhaust System Blades which work like exhaust because of Blade Direction. This feature is unique and making HAO Ventilator more powerful as with the help of this exhaust system Air Ventilation speed is increased.

* HAO Ventilators are available in FRP Base of any profile or Stainless Steel Base.

* HAO Ventilators Stainless Steel Base in supplied with 10 degree Stainless Steel Neck and yet can be fitted with any slop of building..

* HAO Ventilators Top Fan portion are also manufactured with Nylon Top and Nylon Vanes.

* HAO Ventilators are made of either Stainless Steel or Nylon while using rivet and other components of Stainless Steel making it rust free.